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Life Editor Book Club: How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

Us Life Editors are avid readers, which makes perfect sense because we edit our lives just like how a book editor edits a manuscript. So let’s share our success and challenges while enjoying the best empowering, self-development books together. Welcome to the Life Editor Book Club! Members of my Life Editor Clubhouse membership site have…

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Life Editor’s Picks: I’m the Boss!

Lately, I’ve noticed that women who run their own businesses are reluctant to call themselves bosses. They’ll tiptoe around the word and attach all kinds of qualifiers to it: GirlBoss, BossBabe, LadyBoss (ugh), Like a Boss, etc. Come on, Life Editors! Quit it with the cutesy names and own your worth already! No male entrepreneur would call…

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