Yes, Money CAN Buy Happiness

I firmly believe that anyone who says, “Money can’t buy happiness” has never actually been poor.

  • They’ve never had to make impossible choices for their health and safety.
  • Never had to look at their sad children’s faces when they disappoint them yet again.
  • Never had to “eat sleep” for dinner.

Before you go off about all the beautiful things in this world that don’t cost money, I’ll concede that money doesn’t literally make you happy.

But having more money would solve 90% of the problems in your life right now. And that would certainly make you happier.

The average full-time income in the US is $60,000 per year. Obviously, that’s higher or lower depending on your location.

I recently asked my followers what another $60K would do for them:

  • “I could stop worrying about how to pay for insurance.”
  • “I’d no longer be living hand to mouth.”
  • “I could stop working overtime.”
  • “I could afford a caregiver for my disabled sister.”
  • “I could have 2 full-time incomes as my husband is about to lose his job.”
  • “I could pay for my retirement.”
  • “I could pay for my kids’ college tuition.”
  • “I wouldn’t have to choose between buying my prescriptions or food.”

No matter who you are, another full-time income would profoundly change your life.

What could you stop worrying about?

Who would you stop disappointing?

How would it feel to finally exhale and know everything will be OK? 

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you earn full-time incomes with their businesses so they can stop spinning their wheels and start making positive choices.

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