WAIT! Read This Before You Quit

We’re more than halfway through January, and this week I’ve received no fewer than 5 emails sharing the fact that most people give up on their new year’s resolutions by the third week of the year.

Thankfully, a couple of the emails mentioned tips for getting back on track, but a few fell into the “see, this is why new year’s resolutions stink” camp.

Is there anything more depressing than someone telling you that you’ll never reach your goals so don’t bother trying at all?

Well, you Life Editor are NOT a quitter!

Even if your new year’s resolution is a distant memory, I know you still care about achieving your goals. You wouldn’t have set goals in the first place if you didn’t!

In my new course, Habit Change for Busy People, I explain why it’s natural to fail or slip up. And when you do, the best course of action is to change the PLAN, not the goal.

  • If one tactic was too overwhelming, then maybe you can chunk it down into smaller steps (or go for the “easy win.”)
  • If your actions didn’t get you the results you wanted, then maybe you could try something else entirely or step out of your comfort zone.
  • If you chose a goal but didn’t do anything to reach it, then maybe you could connect with a coach or mentor to learn how they were successful.

Yes, you absolutely have permission to quit a goal or resolution if it’s not what you want anymore.

But I have a feeling there’s a tiny voice inside you that’s still wondering, “What if?”

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