Visualize the Best-Case Scenario | Procrastination Blaster!

Last week, I began a new celebration called “Spring Forward Fridays” where I’ll release all-new courses to help you edit and refresh your life and business.

First up is Procrastination Blaster, a speedy video course to help you stop self-sabotaging and finally make progress on your most-important goals.

I must have hit a nerve because it’s now my fastest-selling course I’ve released in the past year! And I can see in the backend that you Life Editors are actually watching the videos and going through the lessons. Good job!

It would be pretty funny if you procrastinated on doing the procrastination course.

So, today I want to share my favorite Procrastination Blaster from the course. These are quick and simple strategies to refocus and get back on track when you catch yourself stalling.

Visualize the Best-Case Scenario

When things are going wrong and your to-do list is full of annoying tasks that you don’t want to do, I recommend imaging all the good things that can happen if you suck it up and do your work.

As someone who struggles with chronic, lifelong depression, it’s very tempting for me to want to stay in bed all day and avoid any responsibilities. Sadly, my depression is not caused by any hormonal or chemical imbalances, and none of the many, many medications I’ve tried have had any effect.

My negative thoughts are causing my depression, and as my therapist bluntly explained, I’m literally “thinking myself sick.”

But there’s a sense of empowerment when I realized my symptoms are psychosomatic! If I can think myself sick, then I can think myself well again. 

Disclaimer: The following technique works for me and MAY WORK for you. Please consult your own medical team for advice on your own mental health issues.

One of my favorite techniques to get out of my depression fog is to visualize the best-case scenario. I might not want to send an email, or get on a coaching call, or go grocery shopping, or call a plumber . . . 

But what good things could happen if I do take action?

I get sales with every email I send, so that’s usually enough for me to type something up and send it off to by subscribers.

If I go grocery shopping, then I’ll have yummy food to eat all week instead of relying on takeout and wasting money.

Visualizing a best-case scenario keeps me in a positive frame of mind, which naturally attracts more positive things to me. It gets me taking even the smallest action, and that movement is usually enough to dissipate any depressive episode.

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