The Truth About Competition

I’m not a competitive person.

This might come as a shock to you if you’ve ever played a game of Trivial Pursuit with me.

Aside from my obsession with colorful plastic pie pieces, I try to avoid situations where I’m pitted against someone else in direction competition.

I’ve never played sports other than cheerleading, and I have no understanding of the rules of football (much to my husband’s dismay).

Still, it’s hard to avoid competition in our lives. It’s drilled into our heads from a young age that winning is all that matters and 2nd place is as bad as last place.

Think about how you view your successes and failures.

  • Do you compare your salary to that of your coworkers?
  • Do you compete with your sister to see who can fit into the smallest size jeans?
  • Do you laugh with glee when you see another entrepreneur fail at her business?

If you win, do they (whoever they are) lose?

Here’s why you need to call a “time out” on competition because we’re all on the same team.

Competition is a Lack Mindset

Here’s where I get a little “woo woo” with you. Most people fall into one of two mindsets: either abundance or lack.

When you believe the universe is abundant, you think there’s more than enough of whatever (love, money, recognition, etc.) to go around.

There are no winners or losers because there is no game.

When you have a lack mindset, you think there’s not enough of something for everyone, and you have to fight for what you want. There is only 1 winner.

When you’re playing sports, it might be true that there’s only 1 winner, but I’ve seen plenty of athletes compete out of love and who are less concerned about who eventually wins.

When you compete with your friends, family members, other business owners, coworkers, or anyone who seems to be doing better than you, you’re sending that lack energy out into the universe.

When you focus on lack, that’s all you’ll see.

You’ll miss out on the people and resources that can help and support you. Like your friendly neighborhood life coach.

By removing yourself from the wavelength of competition, you are saying to yourself that there is enough success for everyone. You’ll feel happier, less stressed about succeeding, and more open to new opportunities.

Check out my podcast episode 9 Easy Ways to Attract More Abundance for more ways to focus on abundance.

Envy is Pointless

I still fall into the trap of comparing myself to my peers. I want to be a successful coach, and I can get discouraged when I see other coaches doing things I want to be doing.

This self-made competition is completely unnecessary because (1) these other coaches are my friends and I love them, and (2) I have my own style and I honestly don’t want to be copying other people.

Envying what others have is such a drain on my energy—and I need that energy for motivating my clients!

But I’ve found an easy way for me to let go of my envy: focus on gratitude!

It may sound corny, but when I take the time to write down everything that I love about my life and business, all those jealous feelings disappear.

My life is so good, and wonderful new things keep coming to me.

Get out your journal or a notepad and write 10 things you’re grateful for whenever you feel envious of others. Click here for a free gratitude journal to get you started.

Maybe you’re jealous of your coworker’s promotion, but that new position probably came with a lot of extra work and longer hours too. What else is good about being right where you are now?

Honestly, we’re all part of the same team, and there’s enough love and recognition for everyone…but only if you believe it.

Instead of focusing on competing with others, think about how we can win together. Maybe your biggest rival can teach you something to make you a better person.

And if you’re wondering, I can still do my old cheerleading routines. But if I show you, then I’d have to kill you.

Go team!

This post focuses on Step 1 of the Life Editing Process, Create a Foundation. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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