The Question I Get Asked the Most

Since I’ve become a life coach, I get asked all kinds of interesting questions:

“How can I be more productive?”

“Are my goals realistic?”

“Why do you wear pink all the time?”

But there’s one question that I get asked more than any other. In fact, I hear this question nearly every day during private coaching calls, in my email, on Facebook, or by people in line with me as we wait to use a public bathroom (weird but true).

“How can I start a business when I don’t have the time?”

I call myself a life coach…or Life Editor to be more precise…but when it comes right down to what I actually DO, it’s teaching people how to get more done in the limited amount of time they have.

I’m a time management expert, baby! And proud of it. 🙂

For years, I’ve been showing my clients how to start their own businesses even when they’ve got day jobs, young kids, elderly parents, are going to school, or simply value their personal time.

After nearly 6 months of dreaming and scheming, I’m ready to launch a new group coaching program to help more women just like you achieve their dreams of starting their own businesses.

Introducing Startup In 60!

But wait—I know what you’re thinking. “Congratulations, Sage. You made a business course just like the millions of other ones I can see all over the internet. So clever.” (insert eye roll)

Startup In 60 is NOT a typical online business course! Nuh uh.

It’s a time management course. You’ll go from idea to fully functioning online business in just 60 days, and you’ll do it by making tiny progress every day whether you’ve got 60 minutes or 60 seconds.

Really, I’m not joking! You can do something meaningful for your business in one minute a day if that’s all you’ve got.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been using my no-nonsense editing techniques on my clients for more than 2 and half years, and their results speak for themselves.

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If you’re ready to ditch your excuses and pursue your dream of starting your own business despite the hundreds of responsibilities you have going on in your life, then Startup In 60 is for you.

Registration is now open for Startup In 60! Click here for all the details and learn how to build your business from scratch in just 60 days.

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