The (Fixable!) Mistake You’re Making | Why You Can’t Earn More Than $1000 Per Month

The lure of passive income is strong in the small business community.

It sounds like a dream come true—who wouldn’t want to have your digital products “sell while you sleep”?

I love passive income, and it absolutely has a place in your sales funnel. But the problem starts when entrepreneurs assume passive income is how they’re going to get rich.

In fact, you’ll probably never make a full-time income if you focus solely on passive income digital products.

Fear not, Life Editor! This is a common and easily fixable mistake.

When you promote a high-ticket, high-value offer to your followers (yes, even if you have a small list), then you’ll reach your income goals fast while giving your clients MEANINGFUL, LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS!

That’s a win-win for everybody. 

Watch today’s video to learn how to bust through your income blocks so you can earn much more than $1000 per month. 

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