“I Quit My Job!” A Speedy Success Story

About 7 years ago, I was helping my client, who we’ll call Jane, grow her photography side business. She spent all day at a corporate job she hated, and our calls gave her a chance to talk about her passion and dream big.

One day, she got on a video call with me and excitedly said, “Sage, I quit my job!”

Then she looked at me expectantly while I tried not to have a heart attack.

Jane had no other income except her floundering business, and she needed to pay rent and her other bills in just a few weeks.

I knew when she signed up that we were going to be working on getting her clients, but I had no idea we’d have to work so quickly!

But you know me, I love a challenge. 

In Less Than 12 Weeks . . .

  • Jane completely replaced her old job’s income by making a full-time income from her business.
  • She now runs a group coaching program for amateur photographers and teaches them how to take better photos so they can start their own businesses.
  • Jane had no Plan B, so she had to DO THE WORK to get the results.

Jane’s situation inspired me to help my clients focus on the right tasks to earn full-time incomes from their businesses. I’ve helped hundreds of women gain the financial freedom to either quit their day jobs or keep them and earn a double income.

I recently shifted the tone of my business away from life coaching to more of a business/productivity hybrid model and launched my Goodbye 9-to-5 program.

Some of my long-time followers asked, “Why are you changing your whole business, Sage?”

But didn’t change it.

My paying clients have demanded business strategies FOR YEARS, but I’ve only recently made that fact public knowledge.

Jane’s story may have been the first time I helped a struggling entrepreneur save herself from financial ruin, but nearly all of my clients want the same thing.

How about you? What would it feel like to have your business surpass all your wildest dreams?

Join us in Goodbye 9-to-5 and find out.

But don’t quit your day job just yet. My heart can’t take it. 

Ready for a speedy success story? Apply for Goodbye 9-to-5 and get started earning a full-time income with your business.

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