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Questions I Got This Week (and My Answers)

If you’re still reading these blog posts about Life Editor Academy, then you’re probably feeling like your life could use a little rewriting. OK, maybe a lot of rewriting. You’re thinking that you’re meant for bigger and better things but this “rough draft” version of you just isn’t cutting it. What could your next chapter hold…

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Is the Academy Right for You? (Must-Watch Video!)

One thing we pride ourselves on in Life Editor Academy is CLARITY! We spend huge chunks of time getting clear about our specific goals and action steps. Strategically planning upfront saves us hours (sometimes days!) in the long run. Academy ladies never sit around thinking, “What should I work on next?” Since clarity is such…

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I Made These for You! Which One Do You Want?

Do you remember those children’s books from the 80s and 90s called “Choose Your Own Adventure”? You would start reading the book and then be presented with a decision to make on the last page of chapter 1. Choice A might take you to page 13 and Choice B might take you to page 78.…

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Life Editor Academy Is Back! Here’s What’s New

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves, “What if . . . “ What if your life didn’t have to feel like such a disorganized, rough draft? What if you could make positive changes to become the ideal version of yourself . . . Without feeling so overwhelmed and burned out that you just want…

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I’ve Got 100 Reasons Why . . . What’s Yours?

We’re only weeks away from Life Editor Weekend, and the anticipation is killing me! This retreat in sunny Orlando, Florida, is by far my favorite thing to do in my business. Yes, it’s even more fun than my Edited Year Planners and Life Editor Clubhouse combined! Life Editor Weekend is where I get to share…

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things [ONE WEEK LEFT]

Sometimes I imagine what kind of career I would have it I wasn’t a life coach. Sure, I could go back to being a book editor, but medical textbooks and journals just don’t interest me anymore. Reading about gruesome diseases and death has lost its appeal, you know? Nah, I’d probably choose a more light-hearted…

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I Heard You: We’re Going All Inclusive!

When you put yourself out there as a “public figure,” you open yourself up to all kinds of feedback and criticism. With more than 50,000 followers across social media and on my subscriber list, it was inevitable that I’d get comments from trolls and haters. Here’s some of the colorful feedback I’ve received: “Your worksheets…

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