Life Editor’s Picks: Home Library Essentials

This quarantine time has the surprising benefit of teaching us to look inward, whether that’s exploring the depths of our minds or unearthing the clutter from the hall closet.

It’s all about focusing on yourself and your needs.

For me, I’ve been curating my extensive home library. Just as I need a cozy home to rest and recharge, my books need a designated place to call their own.

So I’m sorting and categorizing my many tomes (over and over again), dusting my bookshelves, and determining which of my knick knacks compliments the vignettes.

If you’re feeling inspired to give your books a proper setup, then check out these essentials for your book nook.

Here are my top picks for sprucing up your home library.

1. Just One More Chapter Pillow Cover. The nightly lament of every book lover makes this cozy accent feel right at home.

2. Read Harder Reading Log. A handy journal/workbook with 12 inspired reading challenges to help you broaden the scope of your home library.

3. Yellow Cat bookends. The purr-fect accessories for a quirky book collection.

4. Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines. I’ve given this gorgeously illustrated book as a gift at least a dozen times, and it makes a pretty focal point on a shelf or coffee table.

5. Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair. Every home library needs a place to collapse when the real world becomes too much. Let this comfy seat envelop you while you escape that nonsense.

6. Rainbow Bookshelves Mug. Because books and tea are always the perfect pairing.

7. Pink Flexible Gooseneck Clip Light. Clip it onto a bookshelf, side table, headboard, or anywhere you settle in for a good read.

8. Personal Book Lending Kit. Losing a precious book to a friend who swore they were going to return it is devastating! Keep tabs on all your little darlings with this tracking toolkit.

9. DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit: Sam’s Study Library. Looking for a quarantine hobby? This mini scene is a book lover’s paradise!

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