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Ask Me Anything! Your Get Unstuck Action Plan

Nearly all the questions I receive from my clients and followers can be summed up in one request: “Sage, help me get unstuck!” I hear you! We all have big hopes and dreams, but those goals can easily get pushed aside when we’re distracted by things like social media or our own limiting beliefs. This…

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Ask Me Anything! Your True Passion Versus What You “Should” Be Doing

When my clients are feeling directionless, I gently guide them back to the sweet spot between their true passion and what they “should” be doing. It’s the eternal struggle! We have this vague notion that there’s something grander and more meaningful waiting for us…but we get caught up in the expectations from our loved ones,…

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Ask Me Anything! Your Spring Cleaning Fresh Start Plan

The birds are chirping… The grass is growing… And the streets and amusement parks here in Orlando are full of rowdy teens and drunken college students. It must be spring! Well, at least it’s spring for most of you. It’s autumn for those of you south of the equator, and my clients in the northeast…

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Ask Me Anything! Master To-Do List Versus Daily To-Do List

I’m a to-do list kind of gal, and I can’t get anything done unless I have a detailed plan of attack in front of me. But I’ve noticed the disturbing trend of people working from their master to-do lists, not their daily to-do lists. That’s a recipe for disaster! So what’s the difference between a…

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Editor’s Notebook 144

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! PS, We’re less than one month away from my Life Editor Weekend retreat. Join us! What I’m Loving This Week Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds. Enjoy every moment. Stacy London On Her…

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Ask Me Anything! Self-Care and Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is coming! But instead of spending all your money on roses and candy for your sweetheart, take some time to indulge in self-care and self-love. After all, loving yourself is just as important as spreading love to others! Most Life Editors aren’t getting enough self-care so they wind up feeling exhausted, burned out,…

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