Ask Me Anything! Your Get Unstuck Action Plan

Nearly all the questions I receive from my clients and followers can be summed up in one request: “Sage, help me get unstuck!”

I hear you! We all have big hopes and dreams, but those goals can easily get pushed aside when we’re distracted by things like social media or our own limiting beliefs.

This month we had another Ask Me Anything call live stream on my Facebook page so I could answer all your questions about how to get moving again on your goals.

Watch the video below and then hop on over to Facebook and tell me what you’re doing to get unstuck.

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In This Video

  • How to get work done when you’re stressed and exhausted.
  • 3 quick fixes for to-do list overwhelm.
  • How to cope when things don’t go as planned.
  • My favorite productivity apps.
  • What I’m reading.

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