Steal My 6-Figure Passive Income Plan | Get Serious About Sales Summit

When I’m working with a client, I love witnessing the magic when they flip the switch in their brain from “side hustle” to “full-time business.”

There’s a profound change when you decide to stop treating your business like an expensive hobby and start actively pursuing income while nurturing your clients.

Are you ready to dump your wimpy marketing and try some supercharged strategies?

I know you are! You’re invited to level up your biz with me.

The Get Serious About Sales Summit is a FREE 4-day online event featuring 40+ experts (including me!) teaching you all things sales, from the mindset and psychology of selling to product creation, launching, and online marketing.

And I’m presenting an exclusive session that details my 6-figure passive income strategy that you can steal!

Get Serious About Sales Summit


And you won’t want to miss my exclusive session on Day 2 (April 16, 2024):

“Daily Sales on Autopilot: The Lazy Guide to Passive Income” With Sage Grayson (that’s me!)

  • How to set up automations ONCE and let the robots nurture your clients while you do your important work.
  • My no-brainer pricing model that honors your effort and the product’s value so you never feel resentful.
  • A step-by-step plan for creating must-have products that your customers gobble up like candy.

Ready to boost your business profits?

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