Simple Law of Attraction Techniques for Skeptics | Law of Attraction Coaching

I take pride in being a skeptical person because it’s kept me safe from a whole bunch of potential problems over the years.

  • I know better than to share my bank account info with some rando on the phone. That is, if I even answer my phone at all.
  • You can’t fool me into thinking low fat cookies taste the same as those ooey-gooey gourmet ones.
  • There’s zero chance I’ll believe you when you say your dog is the cutest in the world . . . because we all know that title belongs to my precious fur baby Skyla.

So it may surprise you that despite my super cautious attitude, I’m a big proponent of the law of attraction.

Weird, right? But I was a total skeptic at first. Really, positive thoughts can change my reality?

Maybe you’re a little wary of all this “mumbo jumbo” we’ve been talking about during this month’s “Manifesting Magic” theme. So I’ve pulled together my best LOA strategies to win over any critics and prove that it can work.

Yes, even for you! 🙂

Watch this video to learn easy manifestation tips for skeptics even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction.

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