Prioritize and Plan Your Life With a Time Budget

I’m a bit of a nerd, and you’ll often find me curled up on the couch watching some fantasy movie like The Lord of the Rings.

There’s a great line from the first movie where the wizard Gandalf is talking with the hobbit Bilbo about why the one ring must be destroyed.

After some arguing between the old friends, Gandalf finally says, “I’m not trying to rob you! I’m trying to help you.”

When I first introduce a new client to the idea of a “time budget,” I’m inevitably met with pushback as if I’m somehow robbing them of their precious time.

But just like a food budget or money budget, a time budget simplifies your life with an honest picture of your resources and how to allocate them properly.

Imagine how wonderful it’ll feel to reach a few important goals instead of cramming too many competing goals into too little time. You got this!

Watch this video to learn how to prioritize and plan your life with a time budget. 

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
4:36 The lies we believe about time
10:02 What’s a time budget
15:28 How to define your time budget
24:23 How to prioritize and plan your life with your time budget
33:57 Your next steps

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