Plan With Me #5: Editorial Calendar

If you want to be a successful blogger or entrepreneur, then you can’t “wing it” all the time.

One of my clients calls it “flying by the seat of your pants!” Not having a plan and randomly doing your work whenever you feel like it is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, get yourself organized with an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a simple calendar where you map out the content you want to publish in advance.

This pre-planning helps you anticipate certain seasons, launches, holidays, or times of the year that you want to incorporate into your business plan. For example, it’s not a good idea to start working on a huge Christmas sale on December 24. No way! You gotta give yourself time to get organized and write your blog posts in advance.

I use Post-It Notes in my editorial calendar so I have the flexibility to move things around based on how I feel or what’s going on in my schedule.

In today’s video, I’m showing you how to set up a basic editorial calendar.

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How do you set up your editorial calendar? Let me know in the comments below!