Never Say “I Can’t Afford It!” | The Truth About Money

In today’s video, I’m introducing you to the love of my life. She’s blonde, brown-eyed, super sweet, and about 2 feet tall.

It’s my dog Skyla!

While I probably don’t need an excuse to share pictures of my baby dog (c’mon, she’s beautiful!), but I do have a point . . . and it has to do with your business.

You have to make a choice about what you value more. Is it time or money?

A financial investment to help you quit your day job will give you more time for family, friends, vacations, and celebrations. You can’t get that time back once it’s gone.

Skyla will always be my little puppy despite being 11 years old and in poor health. This year, I’ve spent about $10,000 on her medical care to keep her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

And I would give every dollar I have for just a little more time with her.

This video is a bit of a tearjerker, but it’s a message every business owner needs to hear.

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