“My Academy Sisters Are Awesome!”

Sometimes you just gotta get out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy to play small and set wimpy goals when you’re in your familiar surroundings. But when you’re thousands of miles away from home without your usual routine or people telling you what’s possible for you, it opens up all kinds of new ways of thinking.

Big changes happen when my Life Editor Academy ladies are thrust out of their comfort zones at our 4 retreats during the year. There’s planning, bonding, relaxation, and tons of yummy food!

These life-changing retreats mean a lot to 2016 Academy member Erika Swafford. As a wife, employee, and business owner with a hundred responsibilities, she relishes the time away from it all with her Academy sisters.

Watch this video to learn why Erika joined Life Editor Academy.

The video transcript is below for your convenience.

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Video Transcript

My name is Erika Swafford, and you can find me at ErikaSwafford.com.

I joined Life Editor Academy because I was looking for support for building my business and finding some like-minded women who were also into possibly growing their businesses or at least wanting to grow themselves in their lives because all that’s intertwined together.

So I really just wanted the support, and I also like the idea of retreats.

My favorite parts of the June Retreat were honestly learning and all of the sessions. They’re all really helpful, and they help you figure things out that either you’ve been trying to figure out or that you didn’t know you need to figure out.

You have the support of all the ladies in the room together, so it’s not just Sage but it’s also all the other ladies and they’re pitching in and helping out.

I’ve learned a lot so far, like how to change my perspective a little bit on what I’m doing.

I’ve learned about how to handle fear and self-doubt, and honestly to reframe my goals so they make more sense and they have deadlines or target dates and they have more clarity, which is one of the things I desperately need—clarity!

Sage is awesome! Sage is fun. She’s very supportive. If you’re looking for someone who is very supportive and will take any ideas you have and just run with them and help you come up with ideas and be a sounding board, she’s perfect for that.

My Academy sisters are awesome!

They are all fun, they’re supportive, and we’re all in the same boat going in the same direction. So that’s wonderful. We all get along. All of us get along. We help each other and bounce ideas off each other. It’s really good.

I would say that if you’re going to join the Academy that you make sure you go to all of the retreats. It’s a treat, it really is!

You get to be in person with all the people you’ve been talking to online for months on end, and it’s a really good place to get that one-on-one time with each other and spend lots of time taking care of yourself and getting recharged.

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