Link Roundup: June 16, 2013

Chris and I went to the movies yesterday so we could spend some time together before he leaves for Orlando on a business trip. And if you know anything about me, you know I’m pissed that I’m not going to Orlando with him.

I guess I’ll just cuddle with Skyla on the couch this week and watch Lilo and Stitch for the millionth time.

What do you like to do when your partner or family members are away? Do you focus on your personal self-care? Clean the house? Throw a party?

While I say goodbye to Chris (and drool over this guy), here are some tidbits for you to peruse at your leisure.

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  1. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat on June 16, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Aww I’m sure your bummed you aren’t going with him but cuddling with the pup sounds like a good consolation prize 🙂 When I’m home alone I am usually just RELAXING and enjoy the quiet 🙂 Usually when I’m alone I’m with Tyler and the kitties so I enjoy some good cuddle time too. Haha, yeah he’s pretty droolworthy!

    Thanks for the links!

    • Sage Grayson on June 16, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      Haha! Yes, I agree that Tyler is droolworthy in his own special way. 🙂

  2. Molly on June 16, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    It’s too bad you can’t go to Orlando with Chris, although cuddling with Skyla sounds like a good time. When Mike’s not home, I usually read on the couch, snuggled with the girls. What movie did you two see and was it good?

    Lots of great links!

    • Sage Grayson on June 16, 2013 at 8:57 pm

      We saw Man of Steel. I loved it! I’m a big superhero fan, especially ones from DC comics.