Just Call Me The No-Niche Bitch

This week, I reached my goal of participating in 50 bundles and summits in 2024. Woo hoo! 

It’s thrilling to accomplish a big goal (especially 7 and a half months early), and I shared my milestone in several Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

In one of the groups, we had a discussion about how I could find so many collaboration opportunities in my niche.

That’s the key: I don’t have a niche.

Before you ask, I’m American so I rhyme “niche” with “ditch” and “witch.” And since we’re such good friends, you may call me the No-Niche Bitch. 

One of the most repeated bits of business advice is that to be successful you must niche-down your business to a very specific demographic.

At first glance, this means sense. If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. This is exactly why I got zeros sales for the first 6 months when I started my business way back in 2011.

But here’s the thing. We are multi-faceted human beings!

I don’t niche-down any other part of my life:

  • I enjoy many genres of books.
  • I gobble up all kinds of movies, TV shows, and cartoons.
  • I love my diverse and unique friends.
  • My wardrobe is full of clothes in every color of the rainbow.

So, why in the world would I try to cram my business into a little box?

I might be in a marketing bundle on Monday, a witchy summit on Wednesday, and a home/mom bundle on Friday.

And you know what? You lovely Life Editors come in all flavors too. 

  • If you’re building a business, then you probably want be more productive.
  • If you’re a new age chick, then you might be manifesting a successful business.
  • If you simply exist in the world, then of course you want more moolah.

Your audience has overlapping interests too—just like you! I challenge you to think outside the box this week and lean into all the beautiful parts of your personality.

You have permission to make your business as unique as you are.

If anyone gives you guff, just tell ’em the No-Niche Bitch said so.

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