January 2015 VIP Days Now Available

The new year is here! And that means fresh starts, new goals, and the pressure to choose some lofty new year’s resolutions.

Personally, I love new year’s resolutions. You should always be trying to better yourself, even if you’ve failed in the past. Failure is a part of life, and it’s the folks who pick themselves up after a disappointment who eventually get the results that they want.

I’ve found that the anti-resolutions people are the ones who’ve failed to keep the promises they’ve made to themselves either because they didn’t put in the work, spent too much time wishing instead of taking action, didn’t break down their goals into manageable chunks, or thought they had to do everything on their own without any support.

No wonder they hate resolutions!

Do you know anyone like that? Maybe even yourself? You don’t have to spend January either struggling to make changes or giving up completely and loafing on the couch.

You don’t need a magic wand. You don’t need to win the lottery. You certainly don’t need Hermione Granger’s Time Turner.

All you need is a plan and accountability.

And wouldn’t you know it–I’ve got both for you.

The January 2015 VIP Days are now available!

Why VIP Days?

We could all use accountability, strategic planning, and a little editing to reach our goals whether you want to excel at your job, start a business, get healthy, or finally organize all the areas of your life.

But maybe a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month coaching package isn’t the right fit for you. You don’t need a long-term commitment.

You need a boost! A shot in the arm! A kick in the butt!

I’ve designed my VIP Days with you in mind: a quick pick-me-up so you can get moving fast.

It’s just you and me for a half day of laser-focused coaching, solution finding, and action planning so you can live an edited life like the VIP you are!

What You Get

  • A 3-hour Private Coaching Session through Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone. Your choice. We meet for 90 minutes, take a 15-minute break, then meet for another 90 minutes.
  • Pre-Call Assessment Worksheet to clarify your goals and intentions so we can hit the ground running during our session.
  • A 3-Month Goals Action Plan for breaking down and tracking your most important priorities.
  • A Check-In Email one week later to measure your progress and answer your questions.


Sign up for a January VIP Day and get a copy of the 2015 Edited Year Planner absolutely free. Now keeping your resolutions will be easy peasy. 🙂

I’ll treat you like a Very Important Person so you can tackle your Very Important Projects.

Sound good? You get all this for only $147.

I have 5 spots open in January, and the VIP Days sell out every month, so act fast to get yours.

UPDATE: The January spots are SOLD OUT! Please click here to check availability for future dates.

After purchasing your session, you’ll receive a snazzy Welcome Packet PDF with more information and worksheets, and then I’ll contact you to set up your VIP Day.

Let’s Supercharge Your Life Editing!