How to Recession-Proof Your Business

I received a somewhat fiery comment yesterday about Goodbye 9-to-5.

“People won’t spend their money on this. WE’RE IN A RECESSION!”


I get where this person is coming from. The recession is a very real fear for many people.

However, I haven’t seen a decrease in sales for coaching packages, specifically ones that help you earn more money.

Here’s the truth: people spend their hard-earned moolah on the things they VALUE, whether that’s Starbucks coffee, toilet paper, rent, or coaching programs.

You and your business have value too. Your job is to promote your offerings to the people who value the results you’re promising. 

And that ain’t everybody! 

My group program is targeted to ambitious women who value self-development and business growth. By the time they apply for it, they’re hyped up and ready to start. Then it sells itself.

When you adopt a lack mindset and believe the “woe is me” attitude from people who don’t want to do the work to market to high-value clients, then yeah, it can seem hopeless.

Instead, I challenge you to stop chasing after the “Discount Divas” or people trying to save a buck. I refuse to beg people who don’t value me to join my program. They’re not worth my time.

In many cases (especially in business!), investing a bit of money upfront can reap enormous rewards in the long run.

So, ask yourself, “Do you believe in your business and the solutions you offer?”

If so, then get out there and find those high-value clients who need you.

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