FYFW 2014: Fear of the Unknown

It’s my 3rd Annual Face Your Fear Week! Today we’re talking about the fear of the unknown.

When you don’t know what’s ahead, it’s easy to stay put right where you are.

Chris and I procrastinated FOR YEARS about moving to San Francisco. We had a lot of good reasons to move from Chicago to San Francisco: we hated Midwestern winters, the best jobs in Chris’s field are on the West coast, we have no other family so there’s nothing tying us down, etc.

But we were fearful about the unknown. Would we have enough money to move? Would our house sell? Would we be comfortable in a new state?

The unknown aspects of moving were scary, and even though we weren’t happy in Chicago, we stayed because it was familiar. We did NOTHING because of fear.

Eventually, we pushed past our fears and worked our butts off so we could move to California. We had to get comfortable without having all the answers.

When you don’t know what will happen, that doesn’t always mean the result will be bad. It could be amazingly positive! You just don’t know.

Fear of the unknown often manifests itself as worrying.

The world can be a scary place (like the contents of my playlist labeled “Guilty Pleasures”), but worrying about the unknown makes it even more terrifying than it really is.

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See you tomorrow for more fear and fun!

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  1. Sarah @ Long Island Nerd on October 30, 2014 at 6:19 am

    Yes! It is so easy to be afraid of what may or may not happen (as I mentioned in my last comment). I’m batting 1000 here as I can relate to all of the posts thus far 😉 I procrastinate a lot on projects that I want to start or moves and changes that I want to make because I don’t know how it will work out. While doing so I am holding myself back which in reality is far worse than anything that can happen if I just take the leap of faith and do what I want to do!