FYFW 2014: Fear of Change

It’s my 3rd Annual Face Your Fear Week! Today we’re talking about the fear of change.

When I start working with a new client, we’ll talk about her goals and why she hasn’t reached them yet.

Sometimes she’ll want something SO bad she can taste it, but the idea of busting out of her comfort zone is too scary. The fear of change means letting go of all that’s familiar and safe.

Like a baby bird who won’t leave the nest, she might need a push if she’s ever going to fly.

It’s time for an instant change.

An instant change is just what it sounds like. You’re through messing around, and you want this thing changed, improved, or gone—NOW!

When fear of change has slowed you down in the past, seeking out an instant change—a big splash!—is a good way to face that fear and get some pretty fabulous results quickly.

Instant change is the “sexy” kind of self-improvement. Who wouldn’t want to improve their lives right away instead of waiting weeks or months to see results?

As a coach, I know the value of taking your time and gradually making consistent progress. But sometimes enough is enough! Instant change might not be common, but it is possible under the right circumstances.

Here’s how you can face your fear of change in an instant.

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Thank you so much for joining me for Face Your Fear Week! Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed these scary posts and new freebie as much as I did writing them.

What fears are you facing?

In the comments below, share your biggest fear and the next action steps you’ll take to confront it.