Fix It Fast! New Digital Course to Stop Living Like It’s Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day!

For my non-American friends, Groundhog Day is a holiday where a groundhog (a medium-sized rodent) predicts whether it will be a long winter (sees his shadow) or an early spring (no shadow).

It’s one of my favorite holidays because it’s so ridiculous and because of the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray called Groundhog Day.

I remember years before the movie came out when the holiday was just about the groundhog tradition.

But after the movie was released, the holiday became forever tied to the idea of repeating your past mistakes over and over and over again.  

Many people interpret the movie to fit different religious philosophies, and as a Buddhist, I see how it mirrors the idea of achieving enlightenment where you can only achieve true spiritual happiness after you let go of your selfish desires.

So what can we do to stop living our own versions of Groundhog Day where every day is full of the same actions that don’t lead to our goals?

If you’re stuck on a proverbial treadmill going nowhere fast, then you’ll love my new digital course to help you stop sabotaging your success.

Fix It Fast! What To Do When Your Plans Fail is your step-by-step guide to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to get results quickly as you pursue your big goals.



In This Video Course You’ll Learn

  • How to recognize when your plans aren’t working so you stop making it worse.
  • The top reasons why your plans fail that you’ve been ignoring.
  • Why we change the plan, not the goal. Don’t throw out the good with the bad!
  • How to expertly refine your plan so you’ll get better results in the future.
  • Easy ways to pivot and edit your plan while it’s in motion.

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