Positive Feedback From My “Your Booked Out Year” Presentation

It breaks my heart when I have to tell my clients that they will most likely encounter haters and trolls when they start promoting their businesses online.

I closed the comments section on my blog years ago because of nasty comments, and I don’t post nearly as often as I used to on YouTube because every time I do, I get told how fat and ugly I am.

Yes, this is even with spam and word blockers.

The internet (and social media in particular) makes it easy for people to be cruel behind a wall of anonymity. In fact, I have a popular digital course about how to promote your business without social media. 

That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise this week to get an email full of positive, supportive comments about me and my business.

Recently, I did a presentation for the Your Booked Out Year virtual event, and our lovely, generous host Megan Taylor went out of her way to encourage the participants to leave feedback, and then collected the nice comments to distribute to the presenters.

This is the first time I’ve seen a summit host do something like this, and her kind gesture made me feel so loved and appreciated.

Here are some of my favorite blurbs:

  • “Wow, wow, wow!!! I LOOOOVED your energy!! So much so that I upgraded!! Happy to dig deep into your world!! Thank you so much for your presentation!!”
  • “Sage had a very creative presentation that listed a unique set of marketing strategies. She presented some GREAT ideas to try to think outside the box to engage with your audience and clients!”
  • “Awesome presentation. Love your energy and the great content.”
  • “Thank you very much for your presentation. It was very refreshing to hear the permission to be silly. I’d like to try Quirky Office Hours and Reverse Job Application.”
  • “Just finished this presentation and I’m so glad I watched it early in the morning!! Sage Grayson, your energy is infectious and I’m super pumped to think about how I can implement some of your ideas — I love the Secret Society idea!”
  • “I grabbed your Startup In 60 because I am super interested on how you’ve broken down what seems like such an overwhelming undertaking (starting a business) to some into 60-second intervals! Challenge accepted!”

I challenge you to spread a little love this week!

Leave a nice comment on social media, tell a loved one how much they mean to you, or even say nice things to yourself.

Rewrite the bad in this world into something good . . . you know, be a Life Editor.

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