Consumer vs Creator | Which One Are You?

Earlier this week, the members of my Goodbye 9-to-5 mastermind were discussing whether they are consumers or creators.

 A consumer is someone who gobbles up content (not their own) by watching video trainings, reading books, scrolling through social media, and buying digital courses but rarely finishing them.

 A creator is someone who devotes most of her time to creating her own content by writing her books, recording her videos, making her art, and taking the steps to reach her big goals.

Think back to how you spent your time this week . . . 

Were you mostly consuming or mostly creating?

We all could benefit from limiting our consumption of other people’s content. Me too! There must be a balance between looking at everyone else’s work and looking at your own priorities.

6 Smart Strategies for Being a Creator

  1. Set Specific Consumption Time Blocks. Allocate dedicated time slots for consuming content. You might limit social media scrolling to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Remember to use a timer or alarm to stay focused.
  2. Choose Your Objectives. Clearly state what you want to achieve through consuming this content. It could be researching for a project or finding inspiration for your own content. Before diving into any content, outline your goals and what you intend to gain from it.
  3. Capture Your Ideas. Set up a way to quickly jot down ideas that pop up during your content consumption. This prevents you from being a passive consumer and encourages active engagement with the material. I keep a sticky notepad next to me at all times, but you could use a notebook, digital note-taking app, or voice memo recorder.
  4. Apply the 80/20 Rule. A good rule of thumb is to spend 80% of your time creating and 20% consuming. This is harder than it looks, but it helps you prioritize your own output over external input. Analyze your daily activities and adjust your time accordingly.
  5. Practice Mindful Consumption. Be super selective about the content you consume and focus on high-quality, relevant material that directly contributes to your goals. You might use filters, hashtags, curated lists, or only follow specific leaders to narrow your content intake.
  6. Follow a Content Creation Routine. Establish a regular schedule for your content creation to create a habit and consistently produce valuable material. You might set aside specific time slots each day or week for writing, recording, making art, etc. and stick to this routine.

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