Client Spotlight: Christine Davis

This is a post in my Client Spotlight series where I highlight women who have gotten super sweet results from my coaching programs. Please say hello to Christine Davis!

“Sage becomes your partner. She lifts you up.”

Christine Davis,

Before I Started Life Coaching…

I recently left my 9-to-5 job to focus full time on my coaching business. I was finding myself in a state of overwhelm—so much to do and so much to accomplish. In my day job, I always knew just what I needed to do and in what order.

But now I was my own boss and had the opportunity to set my own agenda. How scary is that! I was also totally on my own to establish the structure for my business. I needed help to establish my priorities.

Now I’m…

After working with Sage for just 4 short weeks in her Motivation Makeover Month program, I gave a presentation to a group of my ideal peeps, launched a program for my business, began exercising daily, and lost 4 pounds!

Thanks to Sage’s Habit Transformer System, I am no longer leaving dirty dishes in the sink and started an almost daily meditation practice. The month was so successful, I signed up for Sage’s Kick-Ass Quarter program.

What I’ve Learned…

Breaking goals down into small steps helps keep me focused and on track. I now have a process to move forward to continue reaching all my goals.

Working With Sage…

Sage is amazing! When I signed up for the Motivation Makeover Month, I wanted help figuring out my priorities and a setting up a daily routine. What I got was exactly that and so much more! I decided what my priorities would be and used the program’s worksheets and Action Plan guidebook to establish my daily tasks. When we had our weekly Skype calls, Sage gave me feedback and direction, AND she gave me valuable business ideas.

I was experiencing some emotional family stuff during one of our calls and she was very supportive and gave me space to talk about what was going on. She also encouraged me to think about how the situation needs to be addressed moving forward. [Note from Sage: Read my free ebook How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life for more help with family issues.]

I have come from reacting to my life to taking action to have the life I want—Sage supports that 100%. With her support, I was able to manage the week with my family and move forward. Instead of just giving up, I found a better perspective to move forward.

Sage becomes your partner. She’s excited about you and your accomplishments, and you try even harder. She lifts you up. She sees you in a way that you don’t see yourself. She sees you accomplishing what you want to accomplish. She helps you find the path to reaching your goals.

I highly recommend working with Sage. You will find a better you.

Thank you for sharing your success story, Christine!

If you’d like to create your own success story, sign up for one of my life coaching programs. Click here for more information including the details about the program Christine enjoyed, Motivation Makeover Month.


  1. Nneka, Working Mystic on October 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Brilliant Sage! Absolutely brilliant! Your client made such wonderful strides in just one month. I can only imagine how sweet her life is going to be after working with you for a sustained period of time. You really are a kick-ass coach!

    • Sage Grayson on October 9, 2013 at 6:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Nneka! I love watching my clients push themselves further than they thought was possible for them.