Birthday Week Freebies Day 1: Pomodoro Powerhouse

Welcome! It’s Day 1 of my “Birthday Week” annual celebration during the week of my birthday. 

I’m saying a great big THANK YOU to all my beautiful, kind, and talented Life Editor followers (that’s you!). It’s my honor and pleasure to be your coach.

I may be unwrapping presents and feasting on chocolate cake (with sprinkles!) this week, but the real treats are for you.

Please enjoy some brand-new freebies to help you feel less stressed, get more done, and reach your goals at lightning speed.

Get Ready for 5 Days of Freebies!


Pomodoro Powerhouse: Create a Kick*ss Routine for Consistency, Content Creation, and Creativity


In This FREE Workshop, You’ll Learn

  • How to design a consistent content creation schedule so you make steady progress without burning out.
  • How the Pomodoro Technique can help you complete your work, meet your deadlines, and implement new strategies you’re discovering.
  • 30 inventive ways to supercharge your time management and inject some fun into your work schedule.

Ready to get stuff done faster?

Click here to get Pomodoro Powerhouse.

3 Simple Steps to Become a Productivity Superstar

Dump your excuses, transform your habits, and become the most productive person you know.