Back to the Office? How to Make It Positive for Your Employees

There have been many changes to businesses during the pandemic.

With national lockdowns and people being encouraged to stay home, many businesses switched to remote work to slow the spread of the virus. Now the widespread use of vaccines is making it safer to return back to the office.

Here are some tips to make this transition a positive experience for your employees.

Get the Office is Ready

Many professional office spaces have been unoccupied for more than a year now, and there may be a lot of work to get the office ready for staff. There are tasks for health and safety, such as using Commercial Roofing Solutions and professional cleaners, or other things to make it feel more welcoming. You may need to review Covid restrictions such as limiting people in certain spaces and providing hand sanitizer.

Opt for a Phased Return

People may have been working in the office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week previously, but you should ease them back to the office slowly for best results. A sudden return can make people feel anxious or like they’re being forced to a return. This could increase staff dissatisfaction and retention problems when employees consider working elsewhere. A phased return gives them a chance to adjust at their own pace comfortably.

Consider Hybrid Working

Many employees prefer remote work and may be reluctant to go back to the office full time. Try hybrid working as a compromise with your staff. This is when staff are sometimes in the office and sometimes at home, and it’s a better alternative to retain staff so they don’t look elsewhere. There are many permanently remote jobs, so do what you can to keep your staff onboard, and this may require flexibility.

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