5 Vision Board Mistakes and How to Fix ’em

On any Saturday night during my high school years, you could find me enjoying my favorite pastime.

Going to football games? Shopping at the mall? Smooching at Lookout Point?

Nope. I preferred holing up in my room cutting pictures from stacks of glossy magazines and pasting them on my notebooks.

What can I say? I was not a popular kid.

Those crude collages were my first prototype vision boards, but it would be years before I mastered my manifesting techniques. I made plenty of mistakes!

It might seem farfetched that a poster covered in random images and inspirational words could have any effect on your life’s outcomes, but it’s true.

If your vision board is gathering dust in the closet, or worse, you don’t have one at all, then today’s video will teach you how to use this law of attraction technique to get into an abundance mindset.

Watch this video to learn how to fix your most common vision board mistakes.

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