3 Ways to Get More Clients in 2024 | Your Booked Out Year

Are you an online business owner who wants to book more, better-fit clients this year?

Yeah, of course you do!

But before you dive into your work without a real plan (bad idea!), you need these 3 things:

  1. A crystal clear vision of what you really want.
    What types of clients, projects, and offers will help you reach your income goals without burning out or wanting to quit your business altogether?
  2. A smart plan to become your own best lead magnet.
    What strategies work in 2024 to attract more of the right leads and which of those strategies align with how you like to show up and create?
  3. A foolproof way to convert more leads into cash.
    What are the different ways you can sell to potential clients once they find you and how can you streamline that process as much as possible?

Getting more sales this year is easier than you think, and I’ve got just the thing to skyrocket your business success.

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Your Booked Out Year is a 4-day virtual event (January 22-25) specifically for service providers who want to sell more of their offers to people they want to work with, in a way that feels good to them. 

Join 20 online business experts (including yours truly!) who actually understand the ins and outs of serviced-based businesses.  

In my session, “10 Unusual Ways Service Providers Can Book More Ideal Clients,” I’ll share my favorite out-of-the-box marketing strategies to help you promote with passion and add more fun to your business.

We’ve also got experts sharing best practices for profitability, scaling a service-based business, referrals, SEO, LinkedIn, websites, collaborations, and much more!

Want to join us?

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I can’t wait to watch you fill up your calendar with ideal clients. See you at the virtual event! 

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