3 Quick and Easy Ways to Fix a Failing Blog

Blogging is a popular way to make money, promote a business, and have a creative outlet. I would know, I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years!

Someone with a talent for writing can make money while working for themselves. However, not everybody who starts a blog will generate an income from it. 

Is your blog struggling to bring in sales? Has your traffic dried up?

Here are some quick and easy ways to fix a failing blog.

Use an Easy-To-Navigate Website

There’s nothing worse for a reader than to be faced with a website that’s hard to navigate. The website where your blog lives should be attractive and easy to use for visitors. 

When setting up your blog page, research the best tree testing tool, that is, a tool that assesses the overall user experience for people who visit your page. You may find that there are too many spammy pop-ups and difficult-to-navigate menus with no options to search which makes it difficult for people to read what you’re sharing.

The harder people find your blog to read, the less likely they are to return. And that will drastically affect your sales from any products or ads on your website. 

Need help cleaning up your navigation? I highly recommend Beaver Builder, my favorite WordPress page builder.

Make Your Posts SEO Friendly

SEO (search engine optimization) gets people to your blog when they’re searching for information, and it’s particularly important if your blog is within a particular niche.

For example, if your blog is about fashion and beauty, then carefully worded articles that answer frequently searched questions such as, “How can I dye my hair blonde at home?” or “What are the best shorts for summer?” will attract people to your website.  

Your posts should contain keywords and phrases people are searching for to point them in the direction of your blog. You’re more likely to find your posts being shared on websites such as Pinterest that have a higher volume of people searching for specific things to “pin” and refer to at a later date. 

Publish New Posts Consistently

Successful bloggers all have a regular posting schedule. Unlike writing for a hobby, this job can’t be done when you feel like blogging or the inspiration takes hold. If you don’t treat blogging like a job, then you won’t replace your income by blogging. 

Create an editorial calendar and regularly publish high-quality content. You could pay a small fee to an outsourced company to provide regular posting (who will create posts with affiliate links, too!) You can then have a backlog of posts to keep up a regular posting schedule.

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