You Asked for It! Multi-Payment Plans Now Available for Goodbye 9-to5

What a delightful way to start my Monday by seeing that there are now more than 6000 subscribers to my YouTube channel!

THANK YOU for subscribing! I have tons of fun making my videos, and it’s wonderful to see that my content is connecting with all of you. Please let me know if you have suggestions for other topics I should cover.

Now, on to today’s post!

I was recently talking with one of my clients who said she was busy recording videos and designing worksheets for her new coaching program.

“If I’m lucky, I’ll have it finished for a Black Friday launch . . . maybe.” she said. 

That’s 2 more months without an income while she toils away at a product with no guarantee that people will buy it. Nope, we ain’t doin’ that!

Instead, I challenged her to create a very rough outline of the program, promote it to her ideal clients, and get people to pay and join BEFORE the content is created.

This is how you build a product from “the inside out.” You explain what you’ll be teaching and the results they get. When they’re enrolled, you question them about their needs, and only then do you create the videos or training modules.

Your clients will be more engaged in their success because they literally helped you build the program while they’re in it. They asked for it, and you’re giving it to them! 

Every video, worksheet, and resource is specifically tailored to their unique situation and needs.

My new program Goodbye 9-to-5 is built this way too. Every week, I add new content based on my clients’ feedback and whatever they request during our twice weekly group calls.

You don’t have to spend weeks or months creating a program from scratch only to discover that no one will buy it because it’s not exactly what they need. This has happened to me before, and it’s devastating!

I’ve been listening to you during our free Discovery Calls, and in the past week, 3 different ladies have requested multi-payment options.

You asked for it, and now you got it! 

Starting right now, you can choose a multi-payment option to join Goodbye 9-to-5. Same fabulous program, but with a payment plan that works for your lifestyle.

Click here to apply for Goodbye 9-to-5.

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