Wheel of TBR June 2023 (and May Recap!) | Life Editor Reading Challenge

I’m back uploading content to my Sage’s Pages YouTube channel after taking a long mental health break. THANK YOU to all you lovely Life Editors for the kind messages. 

After a lot of emotional work, I’m finally coming out of my depression and restarting the things I love to do including making videos.

Today’s video is a little weird because I’m combining my May TBR video that I recorded but didn’t release and my June TBR. I’m taking my own advice and embracing the idea that “Done is better than perfect.” 

I’m far from perfect, and I hope you’ll enjoy this video and remember to give yourself some grace and compassion this month.

Watch today’s video to see me tackle my monster-sized TBR goal to read 100 books in 2023.

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