Vacation Work Hacks! How to Stay Productive on Your Getaway

I’ve noticed a big difference between the people who are forced to work on vacation versus those of us who choose to work on vacation.

And no, I’m NOT saying you should type up a 50-page report at the beach. 

It’s awful if your boss from your day job is calling you to answer questions while you’re away. But if you love your work or run your own business, then it’s an entirely different experience to spend a little time checking in with your clients or posting short messages on social media.

For solo-preneurs like myself, we don’t have a team of assistants replying to customer support emails. And if I simply disappear for a week or two, then my subscribers and views plummet.

It’s all about finding that balance between work and play.

Watch today’s video for my best strategies to help you achieve work-life balance too.

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