The Power of Mini Tasks! Infuse Every Day With the ENERGY OF COMPLETION

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago meant I had to get used to snow.

A lot of snow. 

I have vivid memories of pulling on my Rainbow Brite snowsuit and trudging through chest-height snow mounds to get to school . . . on my birthday.

There was nothing magical about freezing my buns off day after day, so I vowed that I would move someplace warm and sunny as an adult.

Thank goodness it doesn’t snow here in Los Angeles; however, the snowball method is something that constantly pops up in my goal planning.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, your progress will grow and grow by completing one mini task at a time.

No overwhelm. No blocking off hours of time. And no snowsuits.

Watch this video to learn how to complete all your projects using mini tasks.

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