The Life Editor Podcast Ep. 15: Always Carry a Notebook

Today, I want to share an organizational tactic that I’ve been using for years that helps me keep track of all the things in my life when I’m on the go.

After I graduated from college…a million years ago…I started working at different publishing houses editing newsletters, textbooks, and websites.

I thought I was pretty hot stuff with my degree and can-do attitude, but I quickly learned that my corporate bosses expected much more from me than my university professors.

Business moves at lightning speed and I couldn’t just wing it or hope that my rookie mind could somehow memorize everything people said to me.

I needed a better way to capture ideas so nothing would slip through the cracks. My simple solution was to carry a notebook with me everywhere. Yes, everywhere!

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about why you should always carry a notebook.

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