The Confident Visibility Summit 2024 | Watch Me Embarrass Myself

I recently recorded the worst summit video I’ve ever done.

My groundskeeper started leaf blowing right outside my window for half of the recording. And then some weird animated birthday balloons floated around the screen when I was gesturing with my hands.

Here’s the funny part: the name of my summit session is “On-Camera Confidence.” At least I’m modeling imperfection and walking my talk!

If you’re in the mood to laugh at me this week and learn from my mistakes, then you’ll love this all-new summit to help you fearlessly show up for your business.

The Confident Visibility Summit 2024 is a FREE 5-day online event with 20+ expert talks, each one jam-packed with actionable trainings and tons of tips.

You’ll show up, share your message, and sell more!

The Confident Visibility Summit 2024


Don’t miss my session where you’ll learn how to get over your fear and self-doubt to confidently appear on camera and step up as the leader of your business.

“On-Camera Confidence: Use Video to Build Your Brand and Get Sales” by Sage Grayson

  • How to love being the face of your business even if you’re an introvert.
  • Easy ways to look more polished and professional without blowing your budget.
  • Simple strategies for using video to get in front of your ideal clients and boost your sales.

Ready to show up for your business?

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