The Best Renovation Ideas for Your Home

If you want more use out of your house and you don’t have to move, then consider making some renovations.

There are many ways to add value to your home while focusing on your needs, space, and design. Here are the best renovation ideas for your home.

Anything That Creates Space

Creating space is the #1 reason people renovate their homes, and any project you start should clear space or add an extension. Property experts like Armand Candea seek out sizable properties with spacious renovations to add to their portfolios.

You could convert a loft or basement, apply for permission to build a conservatory, or other ways to create more space and add value to your home. 

A New Exterior Look

Exterior renovations increase your home’s curb appeal. The better your home looks from the outside, the more it’s valued and can increase the value of the whole street. 

You could strip the siding and replace it, add new plants to the front lawn, or replace your front door to add upwards of 2% extra value. Small touches boost the total value of your home, and the more complete it looks, the more someone will pay for it. 

Something Small With a Big Impact

Lighting up the deck in the backyard or replacing your kitchen countertops can add more value (around 1%-2%). These renovations cost under $500, so consider where things in your home could be swapped out for shinier, newer versions. 

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