The 13th Week | Your Ultimate Goal Plan for 2023

Merry Christmas to those of you who are celebrating today! 

It’s the final day of my annual video series, The 12 Days of Life Editing.

I hope you enjoyed building your first 12 week plan for 2023 and learned some smart productivity tips to help you stick to your new good habits.

Click here to watch the entire video series.

It’s the last week of the year, and if you sync up your 12 week plan with the seasons, then you’re in week 13.

The 13th week is that in-between stage after one 12 week plan and before your next 12 week plan. It’s a time for reflection and strategizing so you can keep your motivation up for the long haul.

Watch the DAY 12 video to learn what to do during your 13th week.

Keep watching the entire 12 Days of Life Editing series to build your next 12 week plan from scratch for the start of 2023. 

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