New Month, New You, New Planner! Look Inside the Edit My Life Planner

It’s a new month, and that always reminds me of new beginnings, fresh starts, and feeling like the whole world is a crisp white sheet of paper just waiting for you to write down your dreams.

But maybe you’re less than thrilled to be starting a new month . . . 

  •  Maybe you’re struggling to get traction on your goals and this is just a reminder of how far behind you’ve gotten.
  •  Maybe when you flip through your yearly planner, all you see are scribbled out ideas and abandoned plans.
  •  Maybe you’re just so tired of wishing for your life to change but not having the tools to design a plan that fits with your lifestyle and personality.

I hear you, Life Editor! 

Many of my clients have struggled for years to make positive changes, but they can’t get the traditional productivity strategies to work for them.

Let me show you a different way of getting your life together.

Introducing The Edit My Life Planner

The Edit My Life Planner is a 5-day mini video course and planner bundle to help you clean up your messes, reclaim your time, and reach your goals FAST.

You’ll design your personalized intense 12-week plan to get you thinking smaller and more manageable. No more overstuffed annual plans or one-size-fits-all tips.

12-week planning works for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s short enough feel urgent and give you that underlying sense of urgency to motivate you to do your work. There’s no slacking off when it feels like the clock is ticking.
  2. It’s a long enough to make sustained, lasting progress. You won’t backslide into bad habits with 3 months of concentrated effort.

You’ll also learn my best goal planning strategies:

  • The Life Editing Process, my proprietary coaching framework to edit your life like a book editor edits a manuscript.
  • The 12 Week Technique, the sweet spot for goal planning with urgency and intention.
  • The Pyramid Planning Model, your secret weapon to sticking to your good habits and making consistent, meaningful progress.
  • 10 Speedy Strategies For Success, my go-to tactics for cutting through your distractions and getting stuff done.

If you’re ready to make this month the month you finally stick to your good habits, ditch the negativity that’s been holding you back, and move forward on your goals, then I’d love to be your coach. You got this! 

Get your copy of The Edit My Life Planner today . . .

Now only $7! Get the planner.