New Course! Multi-Me Mastery: How to Do It All When There’s Only One of You

It’s Week 5 of “Spring Forward Fridays” a brand-new celebration to help you make progress on your biggest goals.

I still can’t believe I released a new course every Friday in March. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I feel like I need to sleep for a week.

Today’s all-new course is Multi-Me Mastery.

At a whopping 2+ HOURS, this is one of the longest, most jam-packed video trainings I’ve ever created!

Multi-Me Mastery is an in-depth course to help you use boundaries, automations, delegation, and technology to make time for your most important priorities.

No more wishing you had a clone. No more burnout and overwhelm. Just simple mastery of your precious time.

Get Ready for 5 Fridays of All-New Digital Courses!




In This Video Course, You’ll Learn

  • How to figure out which of your many priorities deserve your attention in this season of your life.
  • Simple steps to set clear, strong boundaries for your life and business without becoming “mean mommy” or letting down your team.
  • How to set up automations once and let the robots do the work for you, saving you hours every day!
  • Underutilized ways to delegate the admin tasks that pull you away from your genius work.
  • Fun strategies for using technology to increase your efficiency so you get more done . . . and have a life too!

Ready to reclaim your time and your sanity?

Click here to get Multi-Me Mastery.

THANK YOU for joining me all month while I shared all-new courses to help you edit your life and business and SPRING FORWARD to success.

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