Life Editor’s Picks: Disney Supplies

All Disney theme parks are temporarily closed because of our recent worldwide health crisis.

So instead of easing my anxiety at Disneyland (which is minutes away from my home!), I’m binging on Disney+ and singing “When Will My Life Begin” to my dog Skyla. She’s not amused.

Other Disney fans are even recreating their favorite rides using whatever props they have around the house. This homemade Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic!

But maybe this upheaval is making you feel like a new version of the seven dwarves: you can be “Moody” and I’ll be “Hangry.”

If you need a little pixie dust to brighten your work-from-home situation, check out my top picks for Disney supplies.

1. Lilo and Stitch Ohana Means Family Pint Glass. Use it as a regular cup of fill it with pens and pencils for an adorable desk organizer.

2. Cinderella’s Castle Business Card Holder. Walt Disney World might be closed, but you can carry around a little bit of magic with you.

3. Snow White Moleskine Notebook. You can tell that Snow White is the ultimate planner junkie by the way she cleans and organizes the dwarves’ cottage. That girl knows how to systematize!

4. Disney Villains Bad Girls Desk Pad Planner. I’m in love with this deliciously devious pad for all my “evil plans.”

5. Disney Princesses Paperclip Set. These strong ladies really know how to hold it together.

6. Alice in Wonderland Journal. A curious place for all your topsy turvy thoughts.

7. Toy Story 4 Pen Set. Now your to-do list can fly to infinity and beyond!

8. Mickey Mouse File Folders. Because even mundane things like tax forms, contracts, and receipts deserve to look fabulous.

9. Minnie Mouse Bottle. A sweet way to stay hydrated.

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