Life Editor’s Picks: Books That Changed My Life

As a former book editor, it should come as no surprise that I read…a lot!

My favorite books are self-development guides because I’m always looking for new ways to edit my life. Sticking to good habits, checking off tasks on my to-do list, and brainstorming business plans keep me turning the pages.

But not all my books are stuffy self-help titles. Fantasy stories help me decompress after a long day of working or help me cope when the world feels like it’s spinning off its axis.

A good book can make anything feel possible!

What books spark your creativity? Or make you feel secure? Or help you conquer the world?

Here are my picks for books that changed my life.

1. The Phantom Tollbooth. This book taught me to love language…and silly puns.

2. The Next Thing on My List. A classic “chick lit” story that introduced me to bucket lists.

3. Buddha. This beautiful graphic novel series illustrates the Buddha’s teachings in a way anyone can understand.

4. E-Squared. A practical (and fun!) guide to using the law of attraction in your everyday life.

5. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. This book convinced me to get up early even on the weekends.

6. The Happiness Project. Probably the most influential book that inspired my self-development journey.

7. The Miracle Morning. The SAVERS technique completely revitalized my morning routine.

8. The Referral of a Lifetime. It’s super corny, but this story makes all my business goals feel within my reach.

9. The Secret. Along with the popular movie, this law of attraction book got me on the wavelength of abundance.

10. The Harry Potter series. Because whose life hasn’t been changed by the story of the boy who lived?

11. The 12 Week Year. No more annual goals for me! I credit this book for helping me blast through the 6-figure mark in my business.

12. Eat Pray Love. Proof that you can bounce back from anything and still find joy in the world. So empowering!

13. The Big Leap. This book was the catalyst for me leaving the corporate world and embracing my “zone of genius” in life coaching.

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