I’m Speaking at Streamline & Chill — Grab Your Free Spot!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m speaking at an all-new online event that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before!

The Streamline & Chill Micro Audio Summit is a FREE event for coaches and creative professionals who want to learn the secrets to make your business easier with automation and AI. 

This event is a compact micro audio summit, meaning you can tune in from anywhere, anytime, without being tied to your screen.

What’s a Micro Audio Summit?

  • An audio-only, interview-style event that you can “binge-listen” to just like a podcast.
  • A small group of expert speakers sharing their specific strategies and tactics on how to shrink your marketing efforts. No “information overload,” so you’re more likely to take action.
  • We’re not selling you a VIP Pass upsell. As long as you register (for free!) during the registration window, you’ll keep your access to the interviews forever.



Here’s a Preview of the Speaker Lineup

  • Sage Grayson (that’s me!): Evergreen Automation: Get Daily Sales With Easy Email Sequences
  • Dr. Destini Copp: Speed Up Your Digital Product Creation with AI (and get your offers to market faster)
  • Jacqui Money: How to Run Your Program or Membership Without it Running Your Life
  • Patty Woods: Create Your Client Cycle Love Bomb Framework
  • Amber Rose Thomas: How to Automate Growing, Nurturing, and Pitching to Your Audience with the Power of Paid Ads
  • Kathrin Bonfigt: How to Automate Your Onboarding to Wow Your Clients and Free Up Your Time
  • Sally Golestanian: Automate Your Email List Clean-Up
  • Emmy Andrade: Free Funnel to Attract Clients on Autopilot With ManyChat

Ready to automate your business?

Click here to get your free ticket for Streamline & Chill.

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