How to Set Deadlines for Goals | Why a Simple Deadline Can Change Your Life

It’s no secret that I’m a Type A, high-strung, go-go-go-getter. I live for checklists, devour project plans, and of course, Monday is my favorite day of the week.

Do you know what my least favorite day is? It’s . . . “someday.”

Nothing drives me nuttier than when my clients drag their feet on their goals and expect everything they want to fall out of the sky and into their laps.

But you’ll never get those good results unless you choose a deadline. A simple deadline is a light at the end of a long tunnel of hard work. Don’t stay stuck in the dark!

Here’s your easy edit: Structure + Urgency = The Perfect Deadline

Watch this video to learn why all your goals need deadlines and how to choose motivating deadlines to get your work done fast.

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