How to Make Sure Your Business Has Great Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your business is one of the most important variables that influences whether or not a passerby becomes a client.

The exterior of your building can shift consumers from looking through the windows to coming in and making a purchase or engaging with your business. 

Your business’ appearance from the street has a great influence on your bottom line. According to one survey, 95 per cent of respondents agreed the exterior appearance of a store can affect their decision to shop there.

You must establish a strong first impression, and here’s how to make sure your business has great curb appeal.

Clean It Up

Clean up the exterior of your building and paint any weathered surfaces, polish the windows, and sweep the sidewalk. Vapor blasting removes paint, creating a smooth base to start from again. A workplace cleanup communicates to potential clients your eye to detail and pride. 

It’s easy to overlook minor things such as paint chipping on window frames and weeds along the pavement in favor of making more significant modifications, but these small touches make a significant difference in the overall curb appeal of your property.

Communicate What You Offer

Clearly communicate to folks passing by what your business has to offer when they enter. Maintain a connection between your façade and the services you provide to pique their curiosity.

Make It Accessible

Accessibility demonstrates that whoever enters your business can browse in a safe and convenient manner. Simple signs in your storefront that inform clients you have a disabled platform lift so they can access the entire store can help folks with limited mobility understand they can shop comfortably inside.

Focus on health and safety during this pandemic to send the right message to visitors and enhance your store’s good reputation, and remember to actively enforce those expectations.

Use Attractive Lighting

Make sure your business is visible in all weather situations. Make sure your interior lighting is bright and clearly demonstrates what people on the street are looking at and strategically arrange lights around your façade to draw attention to significant features.

Consider lighting up signage or the entranceway and investing in a light-up sign of your company’s name. A well-illuminated business is much more likely to attract customers’ attention than one that’s dark and hidden.

Add Greenery

While your business doesn’t need to be surrounded by a forest to be appealing, including greenery into the environment is a wonderful idea. Place a few plants or trees near the entrance and display fresh flowers by the door.

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