Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway | Plus Coaching Freebies!

Today’s your lucky day, Life Editor!

I’m dishing out tons of treats to help you get organized, boost your business, and supercharge your fun as we start this second half of the year.

Every few months, Faith Lee runs a giveaway event for her program participants to apply what they’ve learned and to give back to the community she loves and cherishes!

Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway has 50 awesome gifts FOR FREE delivered to you in 2 goodie bags — “Personal Use” goodie bag and “PLR and Business Development” goodie bag.

But here’s the best part!

After you opt-in for the free bundle with my link, if you purchase the Extended Access Pass ($9) and/or Quick & Easy Lead Magnet Creation ($9), you get a FREE Daily Sales Audit Call with me ($197 value). 

The Details!

  1. Get the free bundle with my affiliate link TODAY.
  2. Purchase either the Extended Access Pass ($9) and/or Quick & Easy Lead Magnet Creation ($9).
  3. You’ll receive an automatic email with the link to schedule your FREE 60-minute Daily Sales Audit Call.
  4. We’ll meet on Zoom and design a customized plan to get your business consistent, daily sales no matter what you sell. This is super fun! 



Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Bundle

  • Edit My Life Planner (this one’s from me!)
  • Make Time To Write Checklist
  • Create Your Dream Life ~ Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Two Printable Escape Rooms For Kids
  • Organize Your Life: Google Sheet Life Planner Dashboard
  • Instagram Carousel Set
  • And many more!

Ready to have fun while you grow and organize your business?

Click here to get the free bundle. Then consider purchasing the Extended Access Pass and/or Quick & Easy Lead Magnet Creation for FREE Daily Sales Audit Calls ($197 value).

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