Celebrate YOU with the Neurodivergent Business Bundle!

It’s time to throw the confetti, Life Editor!

In honor of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, join me and other neurodivergent entrepreneurs for an incredible weeklong party with a free bundle, expert Q&A sessions, and networking events for ND biz owners.

The Neurodivergent Business Bundle contains $1,500+ worth of valuable business resources from 30+ neurodivergent contributors, all designed by and for our amazing ND business community.

This bundle is for anyone who identifies as neurodivergent—no gatekeeping here!



Who Counts as Neurodivergent?

This bundle is for anyone who self-identifies as ND, regardless of the neurodivergence. While there are lots of Autistics and ADHDers, if you identify as ND by way of trauma, depression/anxiety, personality disorder, Tourette’s, acquired brain injury, psychosis, whatever your flavor, if your brain doesn’t fit the ‘neurotypical’ neurotype, you’re welcome here!

If you’re wondering, I’m included in the bundle because of my lifelong clinical depression.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Bundle

  • Edit My Life Planner (this one’s from me!)
  • Wrangle Your Shiny Ideas: Scattered to Sorted Challenge
  • How to Herd Cats: Chaos-Proof Your Writing Life
  • Unmask the Impostor Inside You
  • Finish the Book: A Guide for Neurodivergent Authors
  • And many more!

Ready to learn and grow your biz with our ND community?

The Neurodivergent Business  Bundle is available now through March 26, 2024.

Click here to get the FREE BUNDLE.

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